Ohio Amish Country Tips and Information to Make Your Visit a Memorable Experience . . .

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Ohio Amish Country . . . where old-fashioned living, hard work and honesty are the way of life. It's more than "just a vacation." It's more than a simple destination. It's a getaway you absolutely must experience!

Ever wish you could turn the clock back to a time when life was a little more simple and the wheels turned a little more slowly? Now you can.

Travel back to a time and place where the pace is more relaxed and the scenery is absolutely stunning. Travel to Ohio Amish Country!

Drive down country roads or stroll down country lanes where you can see the past come back alive - when farmers worked in their fields, children played in the yard and neighbors were there for each other.


Visit places seemingly forgotten by time. Experience the atmosphere of tranquility that surrounds some of the most peaceful countryside you'll ever see.

If you're "into" the hustle and bustle of the big city with all the traffic, noise and night life - then Amish Country probably won't interest you.

But . . . if you want to be enveloped by beautiful scenery and peace & quiet - where the night life is watching a sunset or being able to gaze on a star-studded sky - then you'll love it!

Our Experience - Still "New" After 25 Years

We're the Watson Family. We live in Ohio and have been traveling to Ohio Amish Country locations for over 25 years.

Every time we visit, we discover something new to experience. We just love to travel around the state, taking day trips or weekend overnighters.

Nearly every time we head off for some new place of interest, we seem to end up . . . somewhere in Amish Country.

The purpose of this site is to share our passion for the beauty and simplicity these regions of Ohio have to offer.

We're "outsiders" finding and sharing the "inside scoop" as we experience Amish Country from your point of view.

We are not travel agents, we don't book your reservations, we don't sell tickets or gimmicks - but we do have our opinions and we've had some great experiences!

We love the sense of value and nostalgia felt with every visit. We want your experience to be memorable as well.

So, we're passing along some tips and information we've learned about Amish Country like . . .

  • where to go
  • places to stay
  • what to see
  • things to do
  • best time to go
  • where to eat
  • and much more!
  • Your Ohio Amish Country Experience . . .


    Want to see an Amish farmer working his field with a team of horses?

    Maybe you're looking for quality handcrafted Amish furniture or collectables.

    Would you like to view cheese being made?

    How would you like to watch Amish and Mennonite ladies make mouth-watering chocolate candy?

    Want to know where to get free samples?

    Are you interested in free recipes so that you can cook like the Amish (or at least try!)?

    Looking for antiques or unique gift ideas? Maybe you'd like to see a real Amish livestock auction or just browse a flea market.

    How about the unique experience of Amish, homestyle, family dining with mouth watering breads and great desserts?

    Or . . . do you just want to get away from it all - and relax in one of the many quiet and beautiful Ohio Amish Country inns or a bed and breakfast?

    Then what are you waiting for? Click on in and let your Ohio Amish Country experience begin!

    Amish Country Shops in Ohio Amish Country quick guide
    Looking for furniture, gifts, produce, crafts, quilts, collectables . . . ? Use this quick guide to find Ohio Amish Country shops!
    Ohio Amish Country Attractions - a guide to the must see!
    Here's a guide to the different Ohio Amish Country Attractions that you'll not want to miss.
    Amish Country Restaurants - a truly unique dining experience
    Dine in, take out, family style, all-you-can-eat buffets - Amish Country Restaurants have it all!
    Ohio Amish Country lodgings . . . yours to experience!
    Check out the listings of Ohio Amish Country lodgings and accommodations by county and city.
    Ohio Amish Country Reviews
    Ohio Amish Country Reviews - the place to read other's comments and post your own opinion or Amish Country experience!
    Amish Country Trip Ideas
    Looking for some great Amish Country trip ideas? Check these out!
    Our Amish Store
    Check out our own Amish Store - where we only offer the best of the best!
    Amish Country Tours - Go with those in the know!
    Not sure where to go or how to get there? Let those who do know plan your Amish Country tours to maximize your time and make the best of your experience.
    Amish Furniture - a brand of quality all its own!
    Discover Amish furniture - beautifully handcrafted by master craftsmen, made to last a lifetime, destined to be heirlooms and tomorrow's antiques - enjoyed today!
    Amish Country Maps
    Amish Country maps - need a great visual to help you find your way? Get a high quality map to be your personal guide around Ohio Amish Country!
    Amish Home Remedies - powerful, time tested and they work
    Looking for Amish Home Remedies that work . . . approximately 600 remedies from weight loss to . . .
    Amish Country Photos
    Our Amish Country photos and favorite scenes from Ohio Amish Country
    Amish cheese - experience the richest of flavors!
    Amish cheese, a trademark of Ohio Amish Country - find where to get it, sample it and even watch it being made . . .
    How do the Amish survive in our modern world?
    This fascinating DVD explains how the Amish survive and thrive in a technological world . . .
    Amish recipes offer a taste of good old fashioned home cooking
    Want to cook like the Amish? Try this book of Amish recipes and you just might surprise yourself!
    Ohio Amish Country Flea Markets - the one-stop shopping experience
    Looking for bargains? Hunting for treasures? Amish Country Flea Markets have it all and more!
    Amish Country Auctions - livestock sales - benefit auctions - a community event!
    If you love auctions, want to help others, or enjoy a great community event, Amish Country Auctions are for you!
    The antique shops and malls of Ohio Amish Country
    If you love antiques, you'll find countless old-fashioned treasures in Ohio Amish Country antique shops and malls!
    Amish Salvage Stores - reclaimed items at a great price!
    These Amish Salvage Stores offer you scratch & dent and reclaimed grocery and household items at discount prices.
    Amish Quilts - experience the real beauty of the real thing!
    If your passion is quilting - or you just love quilts, you must discover Amish Quilts and quilting supplies.
    Amish Country locations in Ohio? Look no further!
    If you love the beauty and serenity of Amish Country, here are the Amish Country locations in Ohio you'll want to see . . .
    Experience Ashtabula County Ohio Amish Country
    Ashtabula County Ohio - Amish buggies, covered bridges, a wild river and a Great Lake . . .
    Geauga County Ohio and its attractions, restaurants & lodging of Amish Country
    Geauga County Ohio is home to over 12,000 Amish, making it the fourth largest Amish settlement in the nation.
    Holmes County Ohio - the scoop on attractions, restaurants & lodging
    The heart of Amish Country, Holmes County Ohio is a must see! Experience the time-resistant, horse-and-buggy lifestyle firsthand.
    Stark County Ohio - Doorway to Ohio Amish Country
    Stark County Ohio is where you'll experience Amish hospitality, Hoover history, McKinley museums & monuments, canals, candy and cars.
    Visit Trumbull County Ohio and discover the Amish of Mesopotamia.
    Trumbull County Ohio holds the key to one of Northeast Ohio's Amish Country treasures!
    Tuscarawas County Ohio - Amish Country and other must see attractions!
    If you're hankering for some of Ohio's famous Swiss cheese or just want to relive some Ohio history, Tuscarawas County Ohio has just the thing for you.
    Info on Wayne County Ohio Amish Country attractions, restaurants & lodging
    Wayne County Ohio, the Gateway to Amish Country, is the crossroads of culture and countryside with scenic roads, rolling hills and lush woodlands.
    Berlin Ohio - Largest concentration of shops and attractions in Amish Country!
    Berlin Ohio offers a unique collection of shops and stores sure to please even the most discriminating shoppers taste.
    Sugarcreek Ohio, must-see Amish Country attractions, restaurants & lodging
    Sugarcreek Ohio - known as The Little Switzerland of Ohio, boasts a rich taste of Swiss heritage merged with the Amish way of life.
    Experience Middlefield Ohio Amish Country attractions, restaurants & lodgings
    Middlefield Ohio is the Amish Capital of Northeast Ohio and a major producer of Ohio's award-winning Swiss cheese.
    Millersburg Ohio - check here for attractions, restaurants & lodging
    The County Seat of Holmes County, historic Millersburg Ohio mixes the beauty of the Victorian Age with the simplicity of the Amish culture.
    Walnut Creek Ohio - real Amish Country attractions, restaurants & lodging
    Walnut Creek Ohio - the beautiful rolling hills and breathtaking scenery awaits from nearly every vantage point.
    Experience Ohio Amish Country Site Blog
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    Amish Country Tips and Travel Pointers
    Looking for Amish Country Tips? Here's some important things we've learned to make the best of your time.
    Learn about Amish Culture - what they believe, why they live like they do.
    Ever wonder about Amish Culture? Who are they? What are their beliefs, history and origin? Discover why Amish and Mennonites . . .
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