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Hey - They're makin' Hay! Issue #004 -- Amish Country Experiences
July 01, 2009

Ohio Amish Country Experiences

A publication of

Volume 001
Issue 004

July 2009


Dear Ohio Amish Country Enthusiast,

It's official - summer is here and along with it comes all the wonderful activities (and all the responsibilities) associated with summer.

For the Amish, these great summer activities aren't what we would call "typical."

There's an old saying that goes, "you have to make hay while the sun shines." And make hay in the summer . . . is what the Amish do - lots of it!


We saw these Amish taking advantage of the warm weather and beautiful sunshine to put up hay for the long Ohio winter that will return once again - all too soon.

Among many things, the Amish are known for their sense of family and community. Most everything they do centers around these two important aspects.


So, naturally, putting up hay is also a family affair. Women and children willingly pitch in to help with this vital farm task. And the horses and cows really appreciate it too!

Summer is certainly time to provide for and make ready for the rest of the year. But in the midst of all the preparation and work there's always time for fun things too . . .

Like - benefit auctions!

The "English" (as we're called) have festivals, county fairs and state fairs. The Amish - have benefit auctions.


And here's where the Amish sense of community rings true. Amish do not have (nor do they need) health insurance . . . they have each other within their own community.

Many of the Amish benefit auctions raise thousands of dollars to go toward providing for the Amish community's medical needs. Some auctions help raise money for their schools, while others give toward the poor and needy or even mission projects.

These benefit auctions are like a festival for the Amish and the "English" community is certainly welcome to attend as well. In fact, we encourage you to attend one - and be sure to get some of their great food!

Check out our events page and look for the various benefit auctions scheduled throughout the summer. _________________________________________________________________

In this issue we'll be highlighting . . .

1. Our Featured Establishment of the Month - Simple Blessings Cabin

2. The Tip of the Month - Want to avoid the summer crowds?

3. July Events - Find out what's happening - where and when in Ohio Amish Country.


Featured Establishment of the Month

Simple Blessings Cabin


Simple Blessings Cabin is located on the west side of Berlin, Ohio at 5178 Somerset Road, TR 359.

You can check out their web site at or you may call them at 330-204-2880.

Simple Blessings is well within walking distance to most of the Berlin shops for your convenience.

It is owned by Mark and Brenda Zimmerman. They've built a beautiful cabin with three separate areas for people to rent.


The largest area, the Faith Room, includes the main floor with kitchenette, a full bath with Jacuzzi tub and a great room with fire place.

It also has a full cabin length porch/deck with swing and - last but not least - a beautiful loft.

The Faith room has the availability to sleep seven with a queen-sized bed in the loft, two daybeds with trundles (each sleep two) and a plush couch that comfortably sleeps one.


The lower level has two separate rooms. The Friend's Room and the Family Room.

The Friend's Room has a fireplace, a queen-sized bed and a one person Jacuzzi-style tub. A pull out chair is available, as well as a cot to accommodate a maximum of two adults and one child.

The Family Room has a two-person Jacuzzi, a standing shower unit, and a queen-sized bed. There's a chair-and-a-half that will pull out to a twin-size bed. This area will accommodate a maximum of two adults and one child.


One homey little addition is that shortly after you arrive, you will find that the Amish lady next door has delivered a plate of freshly baked cookies (we got some of the best Amish peanut butter cookies I've had!).

They've also recently purchased a building just (and literally) down from the cabin and turned it into a beautiful log-style "lodge" with multiple rental areas. Be sure to check out their Blessings Lodge! _________________________________________________________________

Tip of the Month

Avoid the Summer Crowds

Along with summer begins the crowds. Literally millions of people visit Ohio Amish Country every year. And sometimes by the peak season in the fall - you'd think they're all there at one time!

The weekends become especially busy - and lodging is more expensive.

No need to despair . . . if you can swing it, schedule your visit for the beginning of the week.

Lodging for Sunday night through Wednesday night is usually cheaper - and the days are noticeably less busy.

Though the Amish businesses are not open on Sundays there are some restaurants that are open. And Sundays are a slow day . . . so, why not visit a local church and then take a Sunday afternoon drive and enjoy the scenic countryside.

Then, spend the night and make Monday your main day. You'll be surprised at what a difference the day of the week makes! _________________________________________________________________ July Events:

July 4, 2009

Old-Fashioned Family 4th
Historic Downtown Millersburg, Millersburg, Ohio 44654, 330-674-3955.

July 10 - 12, 2009

25th Annual Great Mohican Indian Pow-Wow
Mohican Reservation Camp & Canoe, 23270 Wally Rd. S., Loudonville, Ohio 44842, 800-766-2267.

July 11, 2009

Doughty Run School Auction
Wise School, 1998 T.R. 122, Millersburg, Ohio 44654.

July 24 & 25, 2009

Rainbow of Hope Foundation Inc. Benefit Auction
Mt. Hope Auction Barn, C.R. 77, Mt. Hope, Ohio 44660, 330-674-5062.

July 30 - August 1, 2009

Holmes County Steam & Engine Show
Mt. Hope Auction Barn, Mt. Hope, Ohio 44660, 330-674-6188. _________________________________________________________________

Well, guess that's all for now - hope you find this news helpful and as exciting as we do.

Trust also that you'll have a great Ohio Amish Country Experience - real soon!

Best Regards,

Stuart & Norma Watson

P.S. Feel free to let us know what you think of our newsletter. Give us feedback or suggestions for future issues - just click here. Thanks again! _________________________________________________________________

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