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To Flea or not to Flea - which Market will it be? Issue #5 -- Ohio Amish Country Experiences
August 01, 2009

Ohio Amish Country Experiences

A publication of

Volume 001
Issue 005

August 2009


Dear Ohio Amish Country Enthusiast,

To flea or not to flea . . . which market will it be?!

OK, granted, the question may sound a little "buggy" - but flea markets really are the big "bite" this summer!

Though flea markets have been around for centuries, they are becoming more and more popular these days. And Ohio Amish Country Flea Markets are no exception.

We've updated our list of flea markets and invite you to check it out here.


One of the larger markets is the Holmes County Flea market. It relocated this spring to a new building and new location.

They were located between Berlin, Ohio and Walnut Creek, Ohio on the north side of SR 39. They moved closer to Berlin and are now on the south side of SR 39.

They are using the name "Original" Holmes County Flea Market to distinguish themselves from another market that recently opened on SR 39 nearer Walnut Creek.

They have a beautiful new single story building, heated and air conditioned, with plenty of vendor space inside and out.


They also have a cafeteria and eating area where they serve various food items and even gourmet coffee and ice cream.

Vendors feature a wide variety of items ranging from $1 shop items to clothing, jewelry to cheese and meat to bulk food. Throw in crafts, collectables and personalized gifts and - you'll find nearly anything you need.

So, if you're looking for some great bargains, searching for something special for that special someone or if you just want to stroll and browse - then Ohio Amish Country flea markets are for you!


In this issue we'll be highlighting . . .

1. Our Featured Establishment of the Month - Trumpet in the Land

2. The Tip of the Month - Try one of our Trip Ideas!

3. August Events - Find out what's happening - where and when in Ohio Amish Country.


Featured Establishment of the Month

Trumpet in the Land


Trumpet in the Land is Ohio's first outdoor drama and runs from June through August.

You'll enjoy the program under the night sky in New Philadelphia, Ohio's Schoenbrunn Amphitheatre.

You can check out their web site at

You may contact them at:

Schoenbrunn Amphitheatre
P.O. Box 450
New Philadelphia Ohio 44663
Box Office Phone 330-339-1132

Part of stage & scenery at Schoenbrunn Amphitheatre

Featuring a professional cast and crew of over 70 with brilliant lights and authentic costumes, this epic performance will sweep you back in time to the late 1700's.

It is outstanding family entertainment with historical significance you'll not want to miss.

The drama relives the story of the historic villages of Schoenbrunn and Gnadenhutten, founded by Moravian Missionary David Zeisberger, and the tragic massacre of over 90 Christian Indians.

Part of stage & scenery at Schoenbrunn Amphitheatre

At the onset of the Revolutionary War, Zeisberger and his followers found themselves caught between the warring factions of the British at Fort Pitt, the Americans at Fort Detroit and the renegade Indian Chief, Captain Pipe.

The mission villages tried desperately to remain neutral in the conflict and keep peace in the region. Near the end of the war . . .


Let's just say that we thoroughly enjoyed this experience - and recommend that you see it for yourself so you can find out . . . "the rest of the story!"

While your there, don't forget to visit the actual Schoenbrunn Village only a few miles away. You may also want to see Gnadenhutten to the south and Ft. Laurens to the north to round out your experience.


For more information on these attractions see the following links:

Schoenbrunn Village

Gnadenhutten Historical Park & Museum

Fort Laurens


Tip of the Month

Try one of our Trip Ideas!

If you've never been to Ohio Amish Country and you're just not sure where to go or what to do . . . we've got an idea - in fact several ideas for you.

In our years of traveling around Amish Country, we've covered a lot of miles and had some really great experiences. We've seen some beautiful scenery, passed gorgeous countryside and enjoyed lots of sites.

So . . .

We've compiled several different trip suggestions that may interest you or at least give you some "direction."

Check out our "Trip Ideas" here.

Now, maybe you're a seasoned veteran Amish Country enthusiast!

Well . . .

We have a request for you . . .

Would you be willing to drop by our page on trip ideas from our visitors and share your "must see" experience with others?

Simply follow this link and let everybody in on your secret getaways or great experiences. _________________________________________________________________ August Events:

August 1, 2009

Conneaut Area Amish Benefit for Hospital Aid Auction
Starts at 9 am, Amish baked goods & restaurant, ice cream, BBQ chicken, sale conducted by Bob Fink Auction Service, 6742 Hildom Road, Conneaut, Ohio 44030.

August 8, 2009

30th Annual Tri-Township School Auction
Farmerstown School, State Route 557, Farmerstown, Ohio 43804.

August 8, 2009

Antiques in the Alley
Historic Downtown Millersburg, Millersburg, Ohio 44654, 330-674-3955.


Well, guess that's all for now - hope you find this news helpful and as exciting as we do.

Trust also that you'll have a great Ohio Amish Country Experience - real soon!

Best Regards,

Stuart & Norma Watson

P.S. Feel free to let us know what you think of our newsletter. Give us feedback or suggestions for future issues - just click here. Thanks again! _________________________________________________________________

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