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Strawberries are Coming! - Ohio Amish Country Experiences Volume #5 Issue #6
May 31, 2013


Ohio Amish Country Experiences

A publication of
and Ohio Amish Country Marketing

Volume 05
Issue 6

June 2013


Dear Ohio Amish Country Enthusiast,

It's an all new season - for fresh produce that is! Spring planting is pretty much done and a new harvest has already begun.

It all technically starts with Ohio's famous maple syrup. Next up is another wonderfully sweet crop - fresh local strawberries. You can pick your own or pick up some already packaged for you.

strawberries There are several places that allow you to pick your own fresh strawberries. And there are many garden stands and produce markets that will have fresh locally grown strawberries.

It only keeps getting better as the season progresses. But, fresh fruits and vegetables are just a part of the wonderful opportunities awaiting you in Ohio Amish Country.

There are festivals, fairs, benefit auctions and lots of special events going on all over the area. Be sure to check the events calendar - there's something happening from now until, well until - the snow flies again!

old-barn But for now, the weather is getting quite warm, and the daylight is extending well into the evening hours. It's perfect for enjoying beautiful sunsets and star-studded skies!

Weekends are starting to get pretty busy. Weekdays aren't so bad for the crowds yet. Keep in mind, if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle - stick to the out-of-the-way places off the beaten trail. There's just so much to explore!

Which means - if you need a little help navigating around Ohio Amish Country, we strongly advise that you get an Ohio Amish Country map.

Also, be sure to follow Experience Ohio Amish Country on Facebook for more exciting tips & info.

In this issue we'll be highlighting:

Tip of the Month - Evenings in Amish Country

Recipe of the Month - Purple Cow

Feature of the Month - Grapevine House Bed & Breakfast

Monthly Events - Find out what's happening - where and when in Ohio Amish Country.

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Evenings in Amish Country

One of our "frustrations" about Amish Country is that many places close at 5:00pm on weekdays and some places even earlier on Saturdays.

theater The Amish are very family oriented and feel strongly about spending time with their families - so they close up shop at 5:00 and head home to family and home chores.

Consequently, there's not a whole lot of activity and "goings on" after 5:00pm. There's not much to do but sit back and relax - which is not all bad if that's what you're looking to do.

But, that has changed for a couple of establishments. If you are looking for some good, wholesome entertainment - we have good news for you.

theater The Carlisle Inn in Sugarcreek is announcing two special dramatic productions for this summer. Beverly Lewis's popular musical "The Confession" is returning along with a new comedy "Half-Stitched" from Wanda Brunstetter.

You can get more information by calling 855-344-7547, or visiting

There's also The Original Amish Country Theater Variety Show at the former Holmes County Flea Market building in Walnut Creek on SR 39. You can call 888-988-show, or visit

Featured Recipe of the Month

Purple Cow


1 C. grape juice, chilled
2-3 T. sugar (optional)

Shake well and add:

2 large scoop vanilla ice cream
3-5 T. milk

Shake until blended or put in blender. Pour into cold glasses and serve with a smile.

A great way to switch-up this recipe, especially right now, instead of using grape juice - use fresh strawberries and enjoy!

Recipe taken from Cooking With The Horse & Buggy People Vol. I submitted by Mrs. Merlin Troyer.

This cookbook makes a really wonderful gift for friends or family! Check here for more information about this and other great cookbooks.

Grapevine House Bed & Breakfast grapevine-bb

As you head south on SR 62, soon after entering Holmes County, you'll come to the quaint village of Winesburg.

On the east side of SR 62 right in the middle of town there's an immaculate white Bed & Breakfast named the Grapevine House.

Purchased in 1994, Tim & Jean Hostetler extensively renovated the building which was built in the 1834. The B&B now includes The Main House, Erma's House and most recently The Barn.

grapevine-bb The Main House has five spacious guest rooms with queen sized beds and private bathrooms. All guest rooms feature locally handmade Amish furniture, DirecTV, high speed internet access, private entrance and air conditioning. Guests are welcome to utilize the full service kitchen and living room. Complementary coffee, juices and soft drinks are available to all guests during their stay.

Erma's House is a private house attached to the Grapevine House featuring two private bedrooms, baths and sitting areas. It also includes the same amenities as the Grapevine House.

Connecting the two houses is a large covered back porch that overlooks an Amish farm and gardens. Guests are able to relax on the porch to enjoy the evening breeze while viewing the scenes of Holmes County.

grapevine-bb The Barn includes an open floor plan on the main floor with kitchen, living room and DirecTV. The full bathroom is also located on the main floor. Two private bedrooms are located in the loft complete with queen beds. It has the same amenities as the others. The Barn also has a full length porch for enjoying the view of a local Amish farm.

We had the privilege of meeting Tim & Jean and taking a tour of the B&B. It is immaculately landscaped and beautifully maintained - a great choice for B&B enthusiasts!

The Grapevine House is located at 2140 Main Street Winesburg, Ohio, 44690. Reach them by phone at 330-359-7922 or toll free at 888-901-8411. You can check out their site to learn more about them at:

Calendar of Events

June Events:

Click here for a list of events in Ohio Amish Country for June.

Well, guess that's all for now - hope you find this news helpful and as exciting as we do.

Trust also that you'll have a great Ohio Amish Country Experience - real soon!

Best Regards,

Stuart & Norma Watson

P.S. Feel free to let us know what you think of our newsletter. Give us feedback or suggestions for future issues - just click here. Thanks again!

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