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Hi, here's a little bit about us and about our site: We're Stuart and Norma. Along with our four girls (yes, all girls) Crystal, Victoria, Angela and Kaitlyn we are the Watson Family. By now you probably also know that we love Ohio Amish Country!

We live in Conneaut, the extreme northeast of Ohio, in Ashtabula County. We are as far north in Ohio as you can go without falling into Lake Erie and as far east as you can go before entering Pennsylvania.

In the past several years, many Amish have moved into our county and our area. Conneaut is a small community surrounded by very rural countryside - ideal for the Amish and their farms.

We live on a farm as well, and have actually had the opportunity to hire and work alongside some Amish men to build a couple of barns. We've seen first hand their ability and skill in building.

The Amish and their ways have always intrigued us. Their simplistic lifestyle and deeply held religious beliefs appeal to a nostalgic yearning for a simpler time, closer families and a better way of life.

Our Day Jobs

I'm the assistant pastor of a country church as well as the principal of its Christian School. My wife is a homemaker, works for our local Christian radio station WGOJ and volunteers her time at the school by teaching speech class and/or various other duties.

Being in "full time" ministry at a country church isn't the most lucrative position to have - though it is very rewarding in other ways. So, over the years we have looked for alternatives to subsidize our income (especially with four children).

I enjoy carpentry and have done odd jobs on the side. My wife enjoys cooking and started selling Amish canned goods and products (which we hope to feature on our site in time). In looking for ways to expand, we decided to try building a website because it could be done "on the side." The only trouble - we had no clue how to go about it!

A Real Alternative - Enter SBI

I started taking a tutorial course on Microsoft Frontpage and got some of the "For Dummies" books on building a web site. I was basically in over my head - and still clueless!

But then . . . some time in 2005 I came across SBI! At first I thought, "Right, just another gimmick!" I stayed up into the early hours of the morning reading and reading. I downloaded some of their free downloads - and continued reading. I clearly saw that this was in no way a get-rich-quick-scheme, but a real proven system!

Yet, I have to confess, it took almost a year of studying and researching (as well as looking at other methods) while periodically returning to SBI before we agreed to take the plunge and sign up.

At first we were unsure what topic to base our site on - and then it hit us - we love Amish Country and liked to tell other people about it . . . why not a site on Ohio Amish Country? Then we could eventually develope an online store as well.

And Now . . .

Our site is and will be a work in progress for some time. But, I assure you, if we can do it, so can you! You don't have to know html code - I was so ignorant that I actually thought an html file had something to do with hotmail! So, if SBI can help us, they can show you how as well.

Find out how you can have your own website and share your passion with others and even get paid to do it! Or, check out some of these links - you'll be glad you did! We are so pleased that we already have plans and ideas for several other sites we would like to build in the future.

Why we love Solo Build It

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No Time? No Problem!

Want a web site but don't have the time to build it? Do you already have a successful business but are too busy running it to be your own Webmaster? Then SiteSell Services is just the thing you need! Here, you'll find a professional Webmaster who will use the Solo Build It approach for you. You'll have your very own dedicated Specialist committed to make you succeed.

Still Skeptical?

Not sure? I understand, I wasn't sold immediately either. So, why not talk to a real live successful Solo Build It owner who can answer all your questions and assure you that this is a proven system guaranteed to work for you!

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