Amish Culture


Want to know about Amish Culture? Just who are they anyway? Why do they live the way they do? Where did they come from? How have they survived?

These are common questions many people ask. We wondered the same - so we went to work to find some answers.

To answer these questions and others, we must first see who they were, and how they progressed to their current state.

The Amish certainly do not desire to be seen as tourist attractions. They are plain and simple living and would rather be known for their faith, integrity and work ethic. The Amish are a close knit people and very loyal to their community.

As you read through their history you will begin to understand many of the reasons why they are what they are today.

It will not be our purpose to expound a complete and exhaustive dissertation about the Amish and their beliefs. We'll leave that to those who already have.

If you really are interested in learning more beyond what we present here, consider getting the books we credit at the end of this section and research it further for yourself. It is quite an interesting (but lengthy) study.

Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center display

We are presenting a synopsis of the origins and history of the Amish, from their Anabaptist roots to their branches and their beliefs.

For the entire article click here. We hope this will give you a greater appreciation for their way of life and that which makes Amish Country so appealing.

If you would rather read only specific parts of the article, check out the following links:

The information for this section and its links has been adapted from the following books:

The Church in History by B.K. Kuiper, 1979, WM.B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, MI

A History of the Amish by Steven M. Nolt, 1992, Good Books, Intercourse, PA

Who Are the Anabaptists? by Donald B. Kraybill, 2003, Herald Press, Scottsdale, PA

Our People: The Amish and Mennonites of Ohio by Levi Miller, 2004, Herald Press, Scottsdale, PA.

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