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The Amish Wedding Story and Cookbook isn't just your average run-of-the-mill cookbook. There are any number of Amish cookbooks published that all contain great recipes.

However, we've discovered a cookbook that not only has great recipes but also comes with an extra feature and an added special bonus!

This wonderful cookbook, published by Amish Wedding Foods of Troyer Cheese, features favorite recipes from Amish wedding meals.

Enjoy an inside peek at authentic home-cooked meals like you would experience in Ohio Amish Country - at an Amish wedding.

Amish-Wedding-CookbookEnjoy cooking? Want some great Amish Recipes? Amish Wedding Foods publishes a cookbook called The Amish Wedding Story and Cookbook.

What makes this cookbook extra special is that it begins with letters from Abe & Anna’s wedding.

These letters are followed by over 300 favorite Amish recipes from wedding meals. As an added bonus, there are quaint little sayings "sprinkled" throughout the book.

Only $12.98

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The Brand

Troyer Cheese, Inc. of Millersburg, Ohio, produces and markets "Amish Wedding" brand foods. Under this brand name they sell a wide variety of foods. These range from meats and cheeses to candy and fudge along with canned and packaged goods.

While touring their facility we asked why the name "Amish Wedding." Our host explained that when the Amish have a wedding, they serve only their very best recipes, dishes and food. This is exactly what Troyer Cheese is striving to do with their "Amish Wedding" brand. Their desire is to give the public only the very best Amish style foods.

The Food


The Amish Wedding Story and Cookbook with over 300 recipes "takes the lid off" the menu and dishes of a traditional Amish wedding drawn from the best of the extensive collection of foods from the kitchens of Amish Wedding Foods.

Gleaned from hand-me-down Amish recipes, then tested and re-tested to ensure that they are foolproof, this collection was assembled to delight the inquisitive cook as well as those who gather around the dinner table to enjoy the delightful, ethnic-based dishes.

The Story

Want the inside story of one of the least understood events in Amish life - the wedding?

Effie’s letters to her childhood "English" (non-Amish) friend, Valerie Ann, who now lives in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, take you through the gamut of joy, stress, hard work and...crushing tragedy...as the days count down toward the big event: Abe and Anna's wedding.


Through these letters, two old friends separated by a broad chasm of cultural, geographical and societal differences, form a deeper bond of friendship and reveal a compelling story of farm life in Holmes County, Ohio's famous Amish Country.

The story answers some questions you might have about Amish weddings like: What kind of gifts does the Amish couple give to each other for their engagement? Does the Amish couple have a "Honeymoon" as the English call it?

The Bonus

Throughout the Amish Wedding Story and Cookbook you will also find quaint sayings such as:

"Hey, diddle, diddle, I'm watching my middle,
I'm hoping to whittle it soon,
But eating's so much fun,
I may not get it done,
Till my dish runs away with my spoon."

"A sharp tongue and a dull mind are usually found in the same head."

This delightful cookbook with story, Amish recipes and sayings will not only provide great cooking ideas but will also give some good reading fun along the way. We highly recommend this cookbook!

Special Side Note


One thing we have noticed in looking through Amish recipes and cookbooks is that sometimes the directions may be a little vague. Some of the recipes can be a little hard to follow if you're not "seasoned" in the kitchen.

Cooking is second nature to Amish women, so sometimes they don't think about giving step-by-step detailed instructions telling how and what to do. Some Amish recipes may not specify the size of pan to use or how long to cook or bake.

Keep in mind that many Amish ladies cook with a wood or coal burning stove, and every one is a little different. They don't necessarily use timers or have thermostats controlling the heat, so don't be surprised if some Amish recipes simply say, "bake until golden brown," or "cook until it looks done."

Don't be too worried though - just a little "kitchen sense" will get great tasting results for you as well.

Sample Recipes

There are 11 different sections filled with favorite Amish recipes. Click any area from the Amish Wedding Story and Cookbook for a sample recipe from that section.

Get your copy of the Amish Wedding Story and Cookbook now!

Amish-Wedding-CookbookEnjoy cooking? Want some great Amish Recipes? Amish Wedding Foods publishes a cookbook called The Amish Wedding Story & Cookbook with over 300 favorite Amish Recipes.

Only $12.98

Wording and Amish recipes used in this section and its links taken from the The Amish Wedding Story & Cookbook are used by permission from Troyer Cheese Inc. and Amish Wedding Foods.

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