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Baltic Ohio was established by its current name on August 14, 1848.

It was previously founded as the town of Rowville by immigrants from Pennsylvania moving west in search of fertile soil with ample water supply for farming.

They found all they needed and more in this picturesque valley. Rowville was later renamed Buena Vista (meaning beautiful view) in 1847. It was officially incorporated as the Village of Baltic in 1903.

The Village is actually claimed by three different counties: Coshocton, Holmes and Tuscarawas - as portions of it are officially in all three of these neighboring counties.

However, it primarily "belongs" to Tuscarawas County as this county holds the greatest number of the Village's 460 plus populace.

The area has a rich history. It was home to the first cheese factory established in Ohio as well as the state's oldest flour and feed mill. They have been home to the GENIE garage door opener facility for over 25 years.

baltic-mill Our first trip this way brought us to the old mill. Here, we viewed some of the old equipment used in grinding and purused their store and gift shop.

Much of the original mill equipment is still in the building on the upper floors and basement and can be seen when you visit.

Surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and rich farm land this area is also home to many Amish, their farms and their businesses. The town is somewhat off the beaten path, away from the main tourist routes and without all the extra trappings.

baltic-log-cabin Don't miss the Historical Society displays as you enter town. You can see an old log cabin and an original settler's home preserved from the area.

So, if you're looking for fine furniture, bulk foods, meats, cheese, shoes, horse supplies, crafts, a good homestyle meal or just a tranquil place to spend the night, you'll find it all in this quaint, peaceful area of Ohio Amish Country.

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