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Berlin Ohio is probably Holmes County's most "commercialized" area outside of Millersburg. That's not a bad thing.

It's very tourist oriented and gives you a great opportunity to shop, browse or just stroll around Amish Country.

The concentration of shops, stores and attractions in the area makes it perfect for walking. Just park your car and begin your quest.

Whether searching for antique gems or newly hand-crafted items, the modern or nostalgic, you can surely find it at one of the many shopping locations.

You'll be absolutely amazed at the variety of stores and shops - it's almost overwhelming.

Grab lunch, a snack or dinner while you’re here. You can spend the night if you choose, then get an early start for another day - you'll most likely need it if you want to see everything!

Bakery With a Heart


While perusing the area, we checked out Der Bake Oven. My wife, four girls and I all trouped in the door. It’s a simple little bakery and ice cream shop that offers a great aroma upon entry. We picked up some discounted bakery items from their bargain rack — we were being thrifty!

I don’t know if it was because we looked hungry, but when we went to check out, the lady gave us one of the items at no charge. She said that someone wanted to bless us!

We were quite surprised by this act of kindness and expressed our gratitude. We determined to share this kind deed with everyone we could.

So, we give Der Bake Oven a high recommendation and ask that you stop in when in the area and sample some of their great-tasting baked items or get a scoop of their delicious homemade ice cream!

Heirloom Furniture


Another favorite of ours is J & J Woodcraft. We love real wood furniture and wanted to get a solid oak pedistal table and chairs for our kitchen eating area. So, naturally we began our search in Amish Country.

After looking, shopping and comparing we found the table & chairs of our dreams for a great price at J&J Woodcraft.

The quality is superior—it even has the initials of the Amish craftsman who built it signed on the back side. We've had the table & chairs for several years and use them daily. They still looks as beautiful as the day we got them.

Amish Farm & Village

Berlin Leather & Shoe

Another Berlin Ohio must-stop for our family (ok, for my daughters) is the Western Leather & Shoe store in the Schrock's Amish Farm Village complex. The girls absolutely love looking at the western wear, sadddles and boots!

You'll want to check out their Amish handcrafted leather belts, wallets, handbags, purses, saddles, baskets, and other handcrafted items. They feature quality merchandise made to last a lifetime!

There's also an antique shop, a craft shop, and even buggy rides to experience here as well.

Cultural Center


If you want a deeper understanding of the relgious and spiritual foundation that underlies the Amish and Mennonite faith - we suggest that you pay a visit to the Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center while in the area.

Here, you can experience the "Behalt" (meaning "to keep or remember") a stunning 10' x 265' cyclorama illustrating the heritage of the Amish and Mennonite people from their Anabaptist beginnings in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1525 to the present day.

Created by Heinz Gaugel, this display has been called the "Sistine Chapel of the Amish and Mennonites." We were certainly awed by the magnificance of this "mural-in-the-round."

They have other informational displays, an art gallery, video presentation and a large gift shop & book store.

Good Eats


Their's lots of places to eat in the Berlin Ohio area - from full service menu and family style dining to the traditional diner and even the typical fast food and pizza places.

But if you're looking for something fast - that still tastes good - we highly recommend that you try Troyer's Country Market. Take advantage of their great grocery, produce and deli items and while you're there - get a bite to eat.

They make great tasting sandwiches fresh from their deli items. They also have homemade ice cream to top off your meal.

Get a Great Night's Sleep!

Photo courtesy of Berlin Hotel & Suites

Looking for somewhere to stay so you can get your early start the next day? We've found a couple of great places to spend the night.

Want a good hotel with all the extras? We tried Berlin Hotel & Suites and had a nice experience. They are only one mile west of downtown Berlin.

They're a great place for families with children. The hotel features a pool and a 26 seat private movie theater as well as a hearty complementary continental breakfast.

For older children and adults they feature a huge 24 hour fitness facility with weight and exercise equipment and even a sauna and steam room.

They've renovated and added on new suites in the last couple of years with many fine amenities and upgrades. We enjoyed our stay, the rooms were very clean and we appreciated the friendly and courteous staff.


We've also stayed in the Simple Blessings Cabin. Though they have a Millersburg Ohio address, they are just on the west edge of Berlin Ohio, actually within walking distance to the shops.

We absolutely loved our experience in this beautiful log cabin - beautifully constructed, spacious and clean. An Amish couple tend to the cabin for owners Mark and Brenda Zimmerman. We had fresh, homemade cookies hand delivered to the kitchen table.

So, whether its heirloom furniture, great shopping, good food, or a peaceful night's rest that you're seeking, you'll find it all in Berlin Ohio!

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