Country Roads

by Sandra Howley
(Boggstown, Indiana)

We come out from Indiana where we live in farm country, flat farm country! We love to just drive the roads and see the beautiful rolling hills, neat farms, and more quiet way of life. We have had so many great experiences. Conversation with a lovely Amish lady whose husband came from Indiana, the same place our pole barn material came from, also an Amish business. Waving to the horse drawn vehicle drivers who always wave first and to the beautiful little children who stop their play and wave to us also, guess they know we are grandparents. We try to be respectful of their way of life, drive carefully, and realize we are all the same, just on different paths of life. We always come home loaded with Troyers smoked bologna, lots of kinds of cheese, baked goods, and a Budget newspaper to learn more about the Amish way of life. I'm always telling people to visit Ohio's Amish country for a great road trip. It's one of the places we like to visit that isn't a whole days trip to get there from here in central Indiana.

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