Experiencing Comfort

by Teresa Long
(Richmond, KY)

Mowing Hay

Mowing Hay

We have been traveling to the Millersburg, Holmesville, Berlin, Mt. Hope, Kidron, Charm and Sugarcreek areas for over 25 years while attending the Draft Horse Sales in Mt. Hope.

These communities have changed so much - but have also stayed the same. There is a comfort feeling when we experience these communities.

When eating at various places and visiting the different auctions, like Mt. Hope, Kidron, etc. you have a slower paced, non-rushed experience.

Even though we have been out of the horse business for 22+ years, we still come back to stay at the same place in Berlin.

We try to experience something new each time we visit. Unfortunately we usually only get to visit a few days at a time.

A few weeks ago, we visited over the weekend and were able to spend more time in Sugarcreek than ever before. We loved the historical museum there and learned so much about that community.

The scenery is breathtaking at times! Feeling that sense of community, the friendship of the locals and being able to sample the fruits of their labor are all things that draw us back each year.

It is a good 6 hour drive for us, but it is absolutely worth it!

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