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Since being established in 1961, the Geauga Park District has prided itself in providing exceptional programs and facilities.

They are dedicated to the preservation, conservation and protection of Geauga Counties natural features and resources.

Their goal is to provide people with the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy these resources while protecting them for generations to come.

Whenever you're in Geauga County be sure to enjoy any or all of these wonderful resources! _________________________________________________________________

Bass Lake Preserve
11445 Lakeview Drive in Munson Township

A 606-acre preserve that includes the 160-acre Bass Lake and the Spring Brook Sanctuary. It is a state Nature Preserve that protects the last known indigenous population of brook trout in Ohio. Bass Lake is an important stopover for waterfowl and neotropical songbirds. Bald Eagles nest in the lowland woods near the lake, and native brook trout still swim in neighboring streams. The preserve is home to wild turkey, ruffed grouse, white-tailed deer, masked shrew, the northern long-eared bat and rare nesting birds. Anglers have boasted catches of crappie, bass, sunfish, perch and pike. The lake is open for boating and fishing from dawn to dusk by permit only. There are no hiking trails available at this time.

Geauga Park District

Beartown Lakes Reservation
18870 Quinn Road in Auburn/Bainbridge Townships

This 149-acre former fishing club was acquired by Geauga Park District in 1993. Avid anglers catch a wide variety of fish including bass, bluegill and an occasional northern pike. The three lakes and 40 acres of wetlands also attract beaver, great blue heron, red-shouldered hawks, turtles and a wide variety of songbirds and migrating waterfowl. The reservation is an excellent spot for hiking, horseback riding, sledding and cross-country skiing. The paved Lake Trail is popular for roller blading and strollers.

Walter C. Best
11620 Ravenna Road in Munson Township

This Preserve features a 30-acre lake that attracts ducks, geese, grebes, mergansers, gulls, terns, and herons at various times of the year. A secluded observation blind gives visitors a closer view of the wildlife on Best Lake. More than 100 species of birds have been sighted among the preserve's 101 acres. Anglers have found channel catfish, bluegill, yellow perch and crappie in the lake waters.

Geauga Park District

Big Creek Park
9160 Robinson Road in Chardon Township

This 643-acre tract, primarily covered with a mature beech-maple forest, is bisected by Big Creek. Many species of neotropical songbirds migrate from equatorial rainforests to nest in Big Creek Park. Wildlife watchers also enjoy spotting deer, turtles, beaver and small woodland animals. An extensive trail system makes it a hiker's dream, while others enjoy horseback riding, picnicking, cross-country skiing, camping and fishing in one of three ponds.

Burton Wetlands Nature Preserve
15681 Old Rider Road in Burton/Newbury Townships

This 287-acre parcel is located within the Upper Cuyahoga River Watershed. Within its boundaries sits the 22-acre Lake Kelso, which has remained relatively undisturbed since its glacial origins. This pristine area was officially dedicated in 1999 as an Ohio State Nature Preserve under the state's Natural Areas Act. Burton Wetlands Nature Preserve supports several rare and unusual plants in the bog surrounding Lake Kelso that can be enjoyed on park-led canoe outings. Some of the rare animals found here include northern water thrush, veer, spotted turtle, and four-toed salamander. Burton Wetlands is open daily from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Visitors must remain on trails or the boardwalk at all times.

Geauga Park District

Frohring Meadows
16780 Savage Road in Bainbridge Township

The 298-acre preserve includes 149 acres of woodland dominated by red and sugar maples. Beech, black cherry, tulip, red oak, ash, and hickory trees grow here as well. The preserve has two sizeable vernal pools. The remaining property is comprised of 119 acres of open land and meadow with 30 acres of brush land. There is a 40-car parking lot, picnic pavilion and ADA accessible restrooms. There are 3.5-miles of trails that tie in to the Chagrin Falls and Bainbridge Township community trail systems.

Geauga Park District

Headwaters Park
13365 Old State Road in Huntsburg/Claridon Townships

The park is leased from the city of Akron and includes East Branch Reservoir, a 425-acre lake at the headwaters of the east branch of the Cuyahoga River, and the lands along its shore. The reservoir continues to serve as a portion of Akron's water supply. This area is a favorite of boaters and anglers who have reported catches of perch, northern pike, crappie and large-mouth bass. Hikers enjoy the portion of the Buckeye Trail that winds along the water's edge. Headwaters Park is a waterfowl watcher's delight, visited by a wide variety of species including great blue heron, double-crested cormorant, common loon, osprey and bald eagle. A boat launch is available in season.

Bessie Benner Metzenbaum Park
7940 Cedar Road in Munson Township

This park is crowned by a sandstone knoll in the midst of a mature beech-maple forest, rising 140 feet above Griswold Creek. This 65-acre park features a boardwalk that winds through the wetlands that surround the creek. Two paved trails provide opportunities for people of all abilities to enjoy the excellent bird watching at this location.

Geauga Park District

The Rookery
10110 Cedar Road in Munson Township

This is a 562-acre tract located at the junction of the old Interurban Railroad that connected Cleveland to Middlefield and Chardon in the early 20th Century. In addition to its historical significance, this park features fields, forests, wetlands, beaver ponds and one of the largest great blue heron nesting colonies in northeast Ohio. The heron share the habitat with beaver, spotted turtle, deer, mink, turkey vultures, swamp sparrow and a wide variety of other songbirds. A large forested preserve provides cold water habitat for state-threatened native brook trout, introduced by the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

Eldon Russell Park
16315 Rapids Road in Troy Township

This is where the Upper Cuyahoga, a state-designated Scenic River, flows through a valley filled with glacial deposits. This 132-acre reservation features kames that support an upland forest of beech, maple, oak and native white pine; the kettles below harbor a number of rare plants. Horwath's Landing is available to launch a canoe or a small boat for closer observation of the beaver, muskrat, mink, heron, wood ducks and prothonotory warbler that make their homes along the banks of the waterway.

Geauga Park District

Swine Creek Reservation
16004 Hayes Road in Middlefield/Parkman Townships

Once a hunting preserve, this 412-acre reservation offers visitors the opportunity to see a wide variety of wildlife. Butterflies abound in the wildflower-filled summer meadows, while meadowlarks and bobolinks nest in the low dense plant growth. Stream life is plentiful along the margins of Swine Creek; bass and bluegill have been caught in both ponds. An active sugar bush provides the sap for Geauga Park District's maple sugaring operation; the sugarhouse is open each Sunday in March.

The West Woods
9465 Kinsman Road SR 87 in Newbury/Russell Townships

This is a 902-acre park protecting the historic sandstone ledges of Ansel's Cave, Silver Creek and its watershed, with extensive wetlands and mature forests. The West Woods includes hiking and bridle trails, picnic areas and a nature center featuring an exhibit hall depicting the natural history of Geauga County. Several potentially threatened species have been identified at the West Woods including butternut, closed gentian, blunt mountain mint, tall manna grass and morning warblers.

Geauga Park District

Whitlam Woods
12500 Pearl Road in Hambden Township

Throughout its 141 acres, hemlock trees provide year-round greenery in ravines surrounded by a mature beech-maple forest; a lush growth of wildflowers carpet the woodlands in the spring. Along the forest margins, dense thickets and grapevine tangles provide cover for a variety of wildlife. The shrubby meadow at the front of the park supports nesting towhees, indigo buntings, goldfinches and woodcocks every spring.

The Maple Highlands Trail

This is a linear park utilizing the abandoned Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) railroad corridor. Once completed, visitors can travel 20 miles from the Lake/Geauga County line in Chardon Township to Reeves Road in Middlefield Township. Construction was proposed to take place in three segments.

The North Trail completed in the summer of 2003, extends 4 miles from Colburn Road to the City of Chardon. A portion of the trail branches east to Ravenna Road, where a 20-car parking lot is available for public parking.

The Central Trail completed in 2007, this section follows a southeasterly route along the abandoned B&O Railway from the City of Chardon to Headwaters Park. Passing through the woodlands and farmlands, this 8.2-mile section of trail provides an easy and scenic trip through Chardon, Claridon and Huntsburg townships. The Mountain Run Station located at 12601 Chardon Windsor Road in Hambden Township has a parking and picnic area.

The South Trail is proposed to take commuters from the Headwaters Park through Amish farm country all the way to Reeves Road at the Trumbull County line. Geauga Park District and officials from the Village of Middlefield are working cooperatively to provide this leg of the trail, which will accommodate bicyclers, roller bladers, pedestrians and Amish buggy traffic.

Geauga Park District

Though not a part of the Geauga Park District, we've placed the following listing here as part of Geauga County's attractions:

Punderson Manor Resort and Conference Center
11755 Kinsman Road, Newbury, Ohio, 44065.

One of the Ohio State Park Resorts, this beautiful Resort boasts 31 spacious guest rooms with 26 fully furnished two-bedroom housekeeping cabins. There's a full service dining room with breakfast, lunch and dinner served daily.

They have a gift shop, four meeting rooms - that accommodate up to 100 people and a professional sales and catering staff. Available activities include an 18-hole championship golf course, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis, miles of hiking trails, fishing, boating, video rental, basketball, cross-country skiing and a sledding hill.


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Information on Geauga Parks used by permission of Geauga Park District Marketing Department.

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