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Kidron Ohio is a major hub of Wayne County Amish Country due to its location, size of Amish population and the fact that it hosts two major Amish and Mennonite auctions.

The Central Christian High School hosts the annual Mennonite Relief Sale and Auction and the local auction barn holds a weekly livestock auction.

The auction barn is open year round on Thursdays. Outside the auction barn, vendors set up sales areas with items ranging from seasonal fruits and vegetables to crafts and housewares.

On our first visit we didn't know the auction schedule, yet we were fortunate to hit the area on the right day. We caught the auction in full swing and enjoyed watching the bidding.

We also enjoyed the fact that most everything is within walking distance. You can park in a special parking area behind the Olde Millstream Plaza and walk to the plaza.

The plaza offers a variety of specialty shops on two levels.


From there it's only a stone's throw to Lehman's Hardware - an absolute must-see! You'll find things here that you won't believe they still make - and other things you never knew that they did make!

Lehman's has recently added on over 12,000 square feet of additional retail space along with a reconstructed 1940's era barn.

They also have a brand new café where you can relax and grab a bite to eat before continuing your quest.


Local artist Sue Steiner has been commissioned to paint several murals for Lehman's new building.

Sue graciously shared some pictures of her ongoing work with us and explained that the murals consist of two parts.

She said that the first part is a barnyard mural located in the picnic area of the café by the entrance. There are 5 life-size farm animals painted as if they are looking out barn windows or stalls.


The second part consists of an indoor mural in which she is creating the atmosphere of being inside an actual "buggy barn" in a demonstration room at the store. The room is off of the west entrance and is an authentic century old buggy barn that was dismantled and reconstructed.

Sue insists it is a "work in progress" that is being painted as one aspect of a wide variety of demonstrations that take place in this special room.


If you're anywhere near the area you'll not want to miss Lehman's great new additions and Sue Steiner's wonderful art work!

Just across the street from Lehman's is the auction barn. From the auction barn it's just a short walk to the Town & Country Store. Grab a bite to eat while you're there or do some more browsing and shopping.

Kidron-Sonnenburg Heritage Center

Add to all this a museum along with various other attractions and it makes Kidron Ohio and the surrounding area a "must-experience" for Wayne County Amish Country!

One day not enough? Enjoy the peaceful beauty of the surrounding countryside and get an early start by staying in the local bed & breakfast.

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