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Experience Amish Benefit Auctions

Amish Benefit Auctions - Get the list on times and event locations . . .

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Ohio Amish Country Events Calendar

Find or post Ohio Amish Country events, calendars and schedules - right here!

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Mrs. Yoders Kitchen

Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen is by far the best place we have eaten, after many trips to this area, this is a must when we visit.

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The World's Largest Cuckoo Clock

The World's Largest Cuckoo Clock has a new home in Sugarcreek, Ohio!

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Experience Amsh Blueberry Cream Muffins

Amish Blueberry Cream Muffins - great for breakfast or any time!

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Experience Amish-Style Homemade Dinner Rolls

Make your own mouth-watering dinner rolls - just like the Amish!

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Whooping Cough Medicine - Amish Style

Want some cough medicine without all the unpronounceable ingredients? Try this Amish recipe for a simple home remedy!

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Amish Homemade Bologna Recipe

Here's an Amish Homemade Bologna recipe - are you up for a try?

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Ever had a Purple Cow? How about this grape milkshake!

This Purple Cow Grape Milkshake makes a wonderful treat!

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Amish Hot Chocolate Sauce Recipe

This Hot Chocolate Sauce is a sweet topping for a cool dessert!

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Amish Never Fail Fudge Recipe

Make your own fudge - without fail - just like the Amish!

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Homemade Amish Waffles - from scratch!

Amish Waffles - looking for a hearty breakfast outside the box? Try these, fresh and from scratch!

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Homemade Amish Bacon Bean Soup

Amish Bacon Bean Soup - enjoy the aroma, savor the taste!

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Experience the Zoar Ohio Lodgings!

Zoar Ohio Lodgings - step back and relax in the past for the present!

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A Juicy Amish Meatloaf Recipe

There's lots of beef in this here juicy Amish Meatloaf!

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An Amish Cheese Ball Recipe

Here's an Amish Cheese Ball recipe that's quick & easy - great for a party!

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An Amish Lemon Pie Recipe

Here's the lemon pie recipe that the Amish ladies use!

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An Amish Chocolate Eclair Dessert to die for!

This Amish Chocolate Eclair Dessert recipe is sure to please!

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Amish No-Bake Cookies, no fuss no muss!

These Amish No-Bake Cookies are a quick & easy remedy for "chocolate fever!"

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An Amish Angel Food Cake Recipe - simple & good!

Want a quick and easy Angel Food Cake recipe? Give this one a try!

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Red Cottage Hideaway Skyview

We stayed at this cottage early November and truly enjoyed the modern cottage and beautiful setting. Extremely clean, exceptional decor and great coffee!

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Amish Buggy Day Trip

Begin your day in Charm with breakfast at Grandma’s Homestead Restaurant. If it happens to be Charm Days weekend, there will be even more buggies than

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Country Roads

We come out from Indiana where we live in farm country, flat farm country! We love to just drive the roads and see the beautiful rolling hills, neat farms,

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Amish zucchini brownies - delicious and nutricious!

Try this Amish zucchini brownies recipe - don't waste that exra zucchini.

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Charm Countryview Inn

The absolute best place for quiet rest and reflection. No TV, no jangling phones, just pure country quiet. AND GREAT BREAKFAST! Lots of room to spread

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