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Want to really get "off the beaten path?" Then the Old Port Washington Road Trip is ripe for the adventurer in you!

Split between Holmes County and Tuscarawas County, the Old Port Washington Road was once a buffalo trail and is part of the Great Trail.

The road runs from Millersburg through Baltic, its mid-point, and on to Port Washington and thus the Ohio-Erie Canal.

Millersburg is the County Seat of Holmes County and was a logical starting point for the road.

Farmers from all over the county used this road to take their goods to the canal for further transport.

Baltic was a one-day journey by horse drawn wagon from Millersburg. Here their was food, lodging and stables.

Port Washington was a bustling city and major port on the Ohio-Erie Canal - until 1852 and the arrival of the railroad in Millersburg and Baltic.

Use of the road waned even more after a flood destroyed the canal's usefulness in 1913.

The road was designated as "Road Number 20" by the State of Ohio on February 6, 1832 making it the first official state road.

The Port Washington Road trip can be taken forward, backward or either way from the middle.


Any way you travel it, no matter where you start, you'll pass miles of scenic countryside and see plenty of historical sites.

You may want to print these directions and take them with you so that you can better follow them on your way.

It is, admittedly, a lot of twists, turns and curves, but beauty and adventure awaits you at every point on the Port Washington Road Trip.

Old Port Washington Road Trip Driving Directions


The road begins in Holmes County on the east side of Millersburg where State Route 39 intersects with Township Road 312. The road heads south east where it joins County Road 68.

From there it travels CR 68 through Saltillo to Becks Mills where it turns east (left) on County Road 19.

It follows CR 19 only a short way until it turns southeast (right) on Township Road 119.

The road follows TR 119 all the way to Flat Ridge School at the intersection with County Road 600.

Turn right and CR 600 carries the trail south a short way to Township Road 188, where it turns left and follows all of TR 188 east to Township Road 183.

On TR 183 the road turns directly south (right) and runs a short distance to Township Road 177.

Go left and TR 177 travels south east crossing State Route 643 and continues until it merges with State Route 651 just northwest of Baltic.

The Old Port Washington Road reaches its mid-point as it turns left and follows SR 651 until it becomes Main Street in Baltic and then crosses State Route 93.


At this point, Main Street in Baltic becomes County Road 46 in Tuscarawas County and carries the old road further south east as it leaves CR 46 and bears right onto Indian Springs Road, Township Road 96.

TR 96, Indian Springs Road runs into Troendly Road, Tuscarawas Road 42 or Township Road 220 where the trail heads south (right) a short way to Fiat Road, Township Road 220.

Make a left and it follows Fiat Road, TR 220 to Evan's Creek Road, County Road 45.

Turn right here and it jogs along with Evan's Creek Road, CR 45 as it crosses Angel Valley Road, Tuscarawas 49 and again becomes Fiat Road, TR 220.

The Old Port Washington Road Trip continues on Fiat Road, TR 220 until it crosses State Route 751 and becomes Dunkle Road, Township Road 189.

Dunkle Road, TR 189 bears right and takes it south again onto Little Buckhorn Road, County Road 19.

Little Buckhorn, CR 19 turns (left) into Sigel Johns Hill Road, Township Road 226 and jogs northeast before turning back to the south east and continues until it runs into Buckhorn Road, County Road 20.

The old road jumps (right) onto Buckhorn Road, CR 20 heading south west a short distance to Bethel Hill Road, Township Road 226. Here it turns sharply south east (left) onto Bethel Hill Road, TR 226.


Bethel Hill Road, TR 226 takes it to Stonecreek Road, County Road 21 where it turns sharply north (left) taking Stoencreek Road, CR 21 a short way till it turns back east (right) onto Fry's Valley Road, County Road 22 and jumps over Interstate 77. From there it continues until it bears south (right) onto West Hill Road, County Road 31.

Finally, West Hill Road, CR 31 hits Wolf Road, County Road 23 and turns left. Wolf Road, CR 23 wraps up the trek as it enters Port Washington and ends at the Village Square.

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