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Sugarcreek Ohio was originally settled by immigrants from Switzerland. It has a rich blend of Swiss culture and Amish heritage wrapped into an experience all its own.

With Swiss-style architecture, famous Swiss cheese and an annual Swiss Festival, Sugarcreek has become a top tourist destination in Ohio.

This westernmost city of Tuscarawas County naturally flows into the Amish Heartland of Holmes County. There's an abundance of things to see and do in the Sugarcreek Ohio area.

Go West . . .

As you travel west on State Route 39 from Interstate 77 you will encounter the most unique mixture of modern conveniences and old fashioned living imaginable.


Modern businesses, chain stores and restaurants intermingle with the stores, shops, businesses and eateries reminiscent of yesteryear.

Along the way, an old farm silo has been given a new life as a giant sign. You’ll find the traditional little strip mall, the Beldon Brick plant spreading across the valley and other modern amenities. These give way to rolling hills and farmland dotted with signs advertising Amish businesses.

Looking For Fine Furniture? Get a Latté - To Go!


You'll be coming to a place we highly recommend. Be sure to stop at Weavers, the Fine Furniture Place.

On one of our visits we had a unique experience. Towards the back of the main showroom, a man had set up a small coffee shop. He was offering free samples of any number of specialty coffees, lattés, cappuccinos, and hot chocolate. He had a winsome personality and was obviously enjoying what he was doing.

He explained that he was going to be opening a coffee shop in Sugarcreek Ohio. We stood there conversing as if we had known each other for some time.


We soon learned that this man giving out the samples was actually the owner of the furniture store, Mr. Weaver himself! He also owns Weaver Barns a little ways down the road.

He originally started by selling Amish-made outdoor furniture in the Canton area. He later began the manufacturing of fine furniture at the current location. And things just kept growing from there.

Wallhouse Coffee is officially open. They are located just east of town on the north side of SR 39. When you are in the area you'll not want to miss this experience. They sell ice cream too! So stop in and be sure to tell them that we sent you.

Dutch Valley


One of our favorite destinations is just before you actually enter the village of Sugarcreek Ohio. The Dutch Valley complex rises on the south side of SR 39 silhouetted by a backdrop of beautiful hills and an Amish farm.

They feature the renown Carlisle Inn, the Dutch Valley Restaurant, the Dutch Valley Gifts & Furniture and the Dutch Creek Foods Country Market. Experience fine Amish cooking. Stroll through the shops and purchase some great Amish & specialty foods. Check out their heirloom quality furniture. Then, spend the night in the beautiful ambience of the Carlisle Inn.


On a couple of occasions we’ve been able to stay in a Deluxe Executive room for a greatly reduced walk-in rate.

After eating way too much good food, we like to browse the shops before retiring to our room. They offer hot chocolate, cookies and freshly popped popcorn for a snack—if you have room!

Just off the lobby, you can relax in front of the fireplace in the library and reading area. Ascend the grand staircase and enjoy the beautiful settings on the second floor.


There’s a fireplace surrounded by leisure chairs and love seats and even a baby grand piano nearby. Here, our oldest daughter Crystal serenaded us with one of her competition pieces.

Behind this large open area is the breakfast room where they serve an expansive continental breakfast including hot foods. Around the corner is the indoor pool and fitness room.


The beauty of this inn is a must see! Each of the floors is decorated in a different type of wood and matching Victorian décor.

The stunning cherry and oak woodwork throughout the inn is just a taste of the quality craftsmanship you’ll find throughout all of Amish Country.

Bulk Foods


From there, after you enter Sugarcreek Ohio, follow the signs to the downtown Swiss Village area.

But don’t just stay on the main drag, venture onto some side streets to uncover real gems.

One such gem we checked out is the Swiss Village Bulk Food Store. However, the name does not adequately describe what all you will find there.


You'll walk through aisles of bulk foods, baking supplies, candies, dried fruits, nuts and spices.

And around the corner is a special room featuring organic and health foods. You can grind your own fresh peanut butter or even get pure, raw honey in bulk. Bring your own container and it’s cheaper.

But then, there is the grocery store area (actually the front of the store) where they have a fresh deli as well as prepackaged local meats and cheeses.

They have over 50 choices of meets and cheeses. There are lots of other items too, but especially don’t miss the free samples—they're great!

Alpine Hills Museum


Though it is open seasonally, we recommend that you take a tour of the Alpine Hills Historical Museum.

They have very professional displays with audio information at the touch of button.

See an Amish kitchen, learn how cheese was made in huge copper kettles, discover the Sugarcreek Ohio's Swiss heritage, admire the antique fire fighting equipment, find out what an Alphorn was used for, see how "The Budget" got its start - and so much more.

Admission is free though they do ask for a donation.

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