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The hill tops of Walnut Creek Ohio offer some of the most beautiful views that can be seen in the area.

Drink in this amazing scenery as you look out over gorgeous valleys and rolling hills.

A small rural village located on State Route 39 between Sugarcreek and Berlin, Walnut Creek is a natural stop you must make!

Whether you're looking for furniture, fences, rental equipment, antiques, inspirational gifts, chocolate, cheese, ice cream, a great meal with a scenic view or a peaceful nights sleep - this is the place you'll find all of this and so much more.

Walnut Creek has become one of our favorite getaways in Holmes County.

By the way, it's not all on SR 39 either. You'll need to get off onto the side roads to explore and appreciate the entire area.

A Bridge From the Past


They even have a brand new covered bridge, Stutzman’s Crossing.

It is constructed entirely from locally grown timber and is intended to "connect" people to the rich, unique history and culture of the area.

The massive support beams inside the bridge are built out of red and white oak. Other wooden parts are made from Southern Pine and Douglas Fir.

It is located at the bottom of Olde Pump Street just east of Walnut Creek.


The bridge span is nearly 60 feet, is 24 feet wide and has a 15-foot clearance. It also has a five-foot enclosed walkway for pedestrians.

Stutzman's Crossing is named after Jonas "Der Weiss" Stutzman, the first Amish man to settle in the area some 200 years ago.

Stutzman built the first home, a sawmill and a school in the Walnut Creek Ohio area.


Want more information about the rich history of Walnut Creek and its original Indian as well as Amish settlers?

Be sure to visit the new German Culture Museum in the bottom floor of the Walnut Creek Community Center. You can even see an original copy of a book written by Stutzman.

As you enter the museum, you'll find a scaled-down replica of a log cabin much like those built by early settlers. The displays are well organized with cards that name or explain many of the items in the display.


We especially enjoyed seeing the McKinley Room display depicting where then candidate William McKinley spent the night while "stumping" through the area for the presidency.

You'll also learn the history about a special "safe barn" for hiding persecuted Anabaptists and the story of the special trees used to mark Indian trails.

Say Cheese!

Walnut Creek Cheese

We hardly ever pass through the area without stopping at Walnut Creek Cheese. Don’t let the name fool you though, they have far more than just cheese.

From the village-looking exterior design to the great shopping and good eats inside, this is a required stop!

We’ll often grab lunch from their café - the fresh salads are a meal in themselves - and then browse through the shops.

The shops range from gifts & housewares to a regular grocery store with deli meats, cheeses, bulk foods, fresh produce and fresh-cut meat.

After shopping, we visit the Mud Creek Creamery by the deli and get some ice cream.

Want a bit of advice? Unless you are super hungry - or not on a diet - get the kids cone! The single is actually two scoops, the double is really three scoops. You might also want to put your cone in a cup - they're still big.

Walnut Creek Cheese New Interior

They have recently remodeled the interior of the café and grocery areas of the store. If you saw it before, you'll hardly believe your eyes now. They have done a spectacular job - absolutely outdone themselves!

There's a new mezzanine level with antiques from Hershberger Antiques, a huge fireplace mantel beautifully restored and an expanded sitting area for eating.

The grocery section has been greatly expanded and even includes a new test kitchen. Overhead are beautiful displays that make it look and feel like a quaint hometown from yesteryear.

Ode to Chocolate


If you love chocolate and want to indulge that sweet tooth, stop by Coblentz Chocolates. They have a viewing area where you can watch Amish and Mennonite ladies make the tasty treats.

Enjoy the nostalgic showroom with the old fashioned look of tin ceilings. Pick and choose your favorite chocolates from the counter or buy it already packaged in boxes of assorted flavors.

Fine Dining

Der Dutchman Restaurant has long been a mainstay in Walnut Creek Ohio. They offer home-cooked, Amish-style dining from the menu, family style or buffet.


They offer breakfast buffets as well and have a bakery where you can get great tasting homemade Amish baked goods.

They've got the perfect location on top of the hill so that guests can see the beautiful countryside below while dining.

They're located next to the Carlisle Inn right across from the gift shops. This makes the area a great one-stop-shop experience.

We've many times eaten (way too much) and then "walked it off" as we browse the various shops across the street.

Peace and Quiet

One day not enough? Spend the night in the beautiful Carlisle Village Inn. The Inn, shops and restaurant, owned and operated by Dutch Hospitality, are the companions to the Sugarcreek Carlisle Inn and surrounding complex.

Oak Ridge Inn

Another Amish Country hidden gem in Walnut Creek Ohio is the Oak Ridge Inn. Located just south of State Route 39, it boasts unspoiled views of beautiful farm valleys.

We were impressed with every aspect of our stay from reservations to check-out and everything in between!

They have eight separate rooms and suits each featuring a different type of hardwood woodwork and beautiful décor to create a unique personality to each room.

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