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In the real Winesburg Ohio, the "novelty" doesn't wear off. This historic village was originally plated by William Schmidt in 1832.

Schmidt named it Weinsburg, in honor of the town of Weinsburg, Germany.

At their father's request, William Schmidt and his older brother, Christian, came to this Ohio region from Germany in 1827 in hopes to found a Lutheran College.

They chose this area because it reminded them of their own village back in Germany.

A house fire and an apparent robbery destroyed their hopes of building a college here.

William had to go elsewhere for finances and eventually founded Capitol University in the city of Columbus, Ohio.

Christian remained here, rebuilding his house and a store. The spelling was changed from Weinsburg to its current spelling when an official post office came to town in 1833.


Between 1830 and 1850 many settlers came to the area from Germany and Switzerland.

Located in the northeastern corner of Holmes County along State Route 62, the Village has remained un-incorporated with a steady population of around 200.

Many of the residents of the village and surrounding area are now Amish. These Amish are craftsmen, merchants and farmers who invite you to experience their quiet way of life that is a testimony to their strength and determination.


Be sure you don't just drive through, stop by one of the many businesses, chat with the locals, browse their stores, get a meal or consider spending the night.

They've got an antique store, a general store, a craft store, a hardware, a meat market, furniture stores, a restaurant, a carriage store, a quilt shop, an Inn, a B&B and - so much more!

Handcrafted Furniture


And about 3 miles southwest of town, just off State Route 62, at 6727 Township Road 652 is another one of our special favorites.

You'll see a small sign advertising 4-Corner Woodworking. Just beyond the sign is a house a shop and barn all impeccably neat and manicured.

Inside this shop is where Andy J. Miller transforms simple boards into custom pieces of furniture and cabinets. And this is where we had our master bath cabinets made to our specifications. They are truly the work of a master craftsman.

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Historical information adapted from Winesburg Ohio's Business Association web site winesburgoh.com

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